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Ave Maria

I started singing in church choirs as a teenager and loved singing the oratorios and church music. In the past years I have started gathering beautiful Ave Marias and decided to offer them as a meditative – healing program in churches around the world. I feel a really strong call and connection to the divine Maria energy. Cooperating with a local organist makes the program even more whole and gives a deeper connection to the community. It is my role to be a catalyst in healing, cleansing and uplifting wherever people are open to the energy that I am channeling. These concerts can be ordered. The repertoire is ready.

Concerts without a program: “Carpe diem.”

I also offer concerts without a program, “Carpe diem” where I tune into the energy of the audience and choose the songs/arias in the moment. Those concerts are in fact one of the best connections with the audience I have ever experienced in the classical realm. When the audience does not divide their attention between a program and program texts they have the possibility to give their full attention to the moment. They start listening with their heart instead of their head.

Other Concerts

I love being part of peoples special moments in life, such as baptism, weddings and funerals. To sing a beautiful Ave Maria or other songs that have a special meaning for the listener. I also like singing a cappella to exhibitions or other special arrangements if the acoustics and the ambient is fitting this kind of a performance. I do not do microphone singing nor singing for loud crowds etc.


For a classical singer, that is used to a strict framework around performing in opera and on the concert platform, taking the step out of the box has been quite a journey. The first step was when asked to perform at an Exhibition and the person asking me said; Can’t you just sing alone without accompagnement? I was baffled for a moment but then decided to give it a try.

That first time went really well and was the beginning of my explorations of the power of my own voice. Both as an instrument and the healing elements. I was also amazed how much I enjoyed the ambient of a cappella singing. How much freer I felt and how much freedom unfolded the more I allowed myself to let the voice guide me into letting go of my own restrictions.

Many other opportunities followed and soon after I dived more into the healing/spiritual aspect, offering people to come and lie on mattresses while I picked songs to sing and walked between them. At the beginning I held tight on to my casio pianette and my music but gradually was able to let go of it all. Soulflowsinging was born!

I very soon noticed the positive effect of my journey with the a cappella singing and my Soundhealing events on my other classical performances. By integrating and bridging my spiritual self with the classical singer self I came home to the heart of my call in life. This means that Soulflowsinging is always present on which ever platform I choose to perform. It is not separated from each other.


Jónshús, Øster Voldgade 12, 1350 Copenhagen - Tuesday, 30 October 2018

En aften med healing igennem min stemme. Jeg tager dig igennem en indre rejse via en dyb meditation og derefter fokuserer jeg på din maskuline og feminine sider. Intuitivt tager min stemme styringen og giver udtryk for din energi. Løser blokeringer, oplyfter og heler. Udover det kommer der ofte beskeder og billeder som jeg giver videre til dig.

Fully Booked


Tónskóli Sigursveins í HRAUNBERGI - Reykjavík -Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Ég leiði þig í gegnum djúpt innra ferðalag í hugleiðslu og alignment. Stend síðan upp og stilli mig inn á hvern og einn þátttakanda og leyfi röddinni minni að taka stjórnina og tjá orkuflæðið í þér.
Við deilum og hreinsum í lokin.

The Soundhealing events are designed for a small group, 6 - 8 people so that I can concentrate and tune into each one of the participants energy field.

We start with a meditation in a circle where we dive deep into the inner world, including grounding and connecting to the higher. I use essential oils to assist in increasing relaxation, grounding, releasing, forgiving and purifying.

Then I stand up and focus on each participant’s masculine side and let the voice just take off on its own, expressing the field. The same round for the feminine side. Often I get special messages and visions for each participant. And very often the tunes that happen to come up have a special meaning for each participant.

We end by sharing and cleansing.

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