A Holistic Journey

For everybody wishing to achieve deeper awareness of their holistic selves, using the voice as a compass towards more well being.

Bridging the classical world of Opera with the Spiritual world.

My aim is to assist everybody who desires to learn to improve and use their own voice for either performance purposes, healing or as a self navigation tool. The voice never lies. It always mirrors how you are doing. It is a great tool to get to know yourself and learn how you best serve your own needs towards increased well being.


I started singing in church choirs as a teenager and loved singing the oratorios and church music. In the past years I have started gathering beautiful Ave Marias and decided to offer them as a meditative – healing program in churches around the world. I feel a really strong call and connection to the divine Maria energy. Cooperating with a local organist makes the program even more whole and gives a deeper connection to the community. It is my role to be a catalyst in healing, cleansing and uplifting wherever people are open to the energy that I am channeling. These concerts can be ordered. The repertoire is ready.

Let your unique sacred sound shine with soulflow and a balanced body.


Jónshús, Øster Voldgade 12, 1350 Copenhagen - Tuesday, 30 October 2018

En aften med healing igennem min stemme. Jeg tager dig igennem en indre rejse via en dyb meditation og derefter fokuserer jeg på din maskuline og feminine sider. Intuitivt tager min stemme styringen og giver udtryk for din energi. Løser blokeringer, oplyfter og heler. Udover det kommer der ofte beskeder og billeder som jeg giver videre til dig.

Fully Booked


Tónskóli Sigursveins í HRAUNBERGI - Reykjavík -Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Ég leiði þig í gegnum djúpt innra ferðalag í hugleiðslu og alignment. Stend síðan upp og stilli mig inn á hvern og einn þátttakanda og leyfi röddinni minni að taka stjórnina og tjá orkuflæðið í þér.
Við deilum og hreinsum í lokin.

For further information or to book an event

Masterclass for Classical Singers

Umbria, Italy - 16 to 23 June 2019

Price for the Masterclass: Early Bird 2.150 Euro – deadline 01.03.2019. Price after 01.03.2019 2.400 Euro.
Everything is included, except flights. Transportation from train station is included. Extra massage and wellness offers are not included.
The Masterclass, Workshop, Concert and Accommodation will take place in a luxury resort, the old Monastery San Biagio in Umbria – www.sanbiagio.net.

Deadline for registration 01.05.2019

Soulflowsinging Retreat

Umbria, Italy - 6 September to 13 September 2019

You do not need any previous experience in singing in order to participate!

The three key elements of the week, EMBRACE – EMBODY – EXPRESS, are designed as a gentle, respectful and empowering rite of passage: a deep journey into elements of your own SOULFLOWSINGING. You will focus on your own unique sound in your own sacred space, learning to use your voice to become a compass in your life towards more well being.

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